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Faith Driven Dating™ apps for anointed men & women worldwide coming together in holy matrimony to serve God in a purpose-driven relationship!

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall become united and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." | Genesis 2:24 AMPC

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The Joshua Generation™

The Joshua Generation Christian Dating™ App is the new Faith Driven Dating & Marriage™ tech platform and global ecosystem for 2.4 billion Christian men and women singles worldwide. A digital courting experience designed to strategically connect single, divorced and widowed Christians to Faith Driven individuals in the US and 191 more countries worldwide.

The Joshua Generation Christian Dating™ App provides faith driven singles, divorcees and widowers with strategic opportunities in Christ to connect with the appointed spouse that God has ordained for them in an underserved global Christian dating and marriage market.

Joshua Generation Christian Dating™ is an Ekklesia community for Christians who explicitly understand that marriage is far more than simply being faithful to your spouse in Christ. You leave your parents to become One with your spouse knowing that their is an assignment, a destiny to fulfill as husband and wife in your individual and collective ministries God is calling you to serve in all the days of your married life.

Our proprietary Faith Driven Matching Technology™ allows Christian singles to find and be equally yoked up with potential life partners who share the same ministry passions and pursuits as you do expediting the Call of God on your married life, including the impact of your individual and collective ministries in Christ as you faithfully serve as husband and wife.

We are the Joshua Generation™ and we are walking into our Promised Land and all that God has called us to be for His praise, glory and honor.

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Socially Responsible - We Tithe 10%

The Joshua Generation Christian Dating™ App is a purpose-driven and socially responsible courting platform and community. As a Faith Driven company with a corporate social responsibility model we give 10% of our annual net-profit back to the world as digital missionaries in the third millennium for Christ.

Fellowship and discipleship
with the Joshua Generation™

ChristianMomentum introduces The Joshua Generation™ magazine blog. We'll encourage everyone to honor God, strengthen the bonds of fellowship amongst Believers worldwide and to live out the Christian life with a spirit of excellence. Our desire is to be used by God to build you up and help you to become everything God has created you to be! Enjoy fellowship and praise to our King as we schedule ChristianMomentum ministry events around the world and meet with Christ in the middle and discuss God's Word and a variety of topics pertinent to this generation and how to live for Christ.

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